Monster Hunter Freedom

Galleria filmati

Advent of Disaste
Incontra Red Fatalis nella quest "Plate of Calamity" 

Avian Master of Jungle
Incontra Yian Kut Ku nella quest "Great Jungle Kut Ku" .

Blue Hunter
Incontra  Velociprey nella quest"Your First Monster Hunt"

Incontra  Fatalis

Menace in the Sand
Incontra  Cephladrome nella quest "Land Shark" 

Plesioth Ecology
Sconfiggi Plesioth in "Water Wyvern of the Desert"

Rathian Ecology
Completa la quest "The Fierce Flaming Rathian" 

Gravios Ecology
Sconfiggi  Gravios in "The Terror of Gravios"

Khezu Ecology
Sconfiggi  khezu in "Attack of the Cave Wyvern"

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