The Sims 2

Team Foto
Inserisci questo codice nella schermata del titolo per il Team Foto. 
Destra, Giù, Destra,Giù, Destra

Metti il gioco in pausa ed inserisci il codice (dopo aver inserito il codice gnomo)

Codice gnomo: L1, R1, Su, X, R2

Give Money (9,999) : R1, L1, R2, Destra, Sinistra

Sblocca tutti i Lots : Cerchio, L2, Sinistra, Cerchio, Su, Cerchio

Avanza l'ora di 6 ore:Cerchio, Quadrato, L1, Su, Giù

Triangle Circle Square R2 Left Set Skill Level
Up,Circle,Up,Right,L2 Fill All Motives
R2 Square Up Down Right X Unlock All Recipes
Square R2 Down Right Square Unlock All Clothing

The Sims 2 GlitchesAvoid Being Fired
If you accidentally miss your ride to work on your second day of missing work, before the call to fire you happens, quickly find another job by finding one in the newspaper or looking on the internet. Once you have avoided the call to get fired, you can change back to your previous job without being demoted and deducted skill points.

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